Founder Bio

Nina Dhillon

Founder and President

Nina Dhillon, with a remarkable 27-year career as a real estate broker, has transitioned her life's passion into a profound mission with "Senior Lives Matter." As the founder and president of this transformative nonprofit foundation, Nina's journey exemplifies boundless compassion and unwavering dedication.

A Life Committed to Giving

Nina’s professional journey has been marked by excellence in the real estate industry, where she has helped countless families find their dream homes. Yet, it was an awakening to the greater calling of her heart that led her on a new path.
The Genesis of Senior Lives Matter
“Senior Lives Matter” emerged from Nina’s deep concern for our senior citizens, whose voices often go unheard, and whose struggles remain in the shadows. Drawing from her real estate background, Nina recognized the unique challenges faced by the aging population, including loneliness, financial dependency, and limited resources. Her inner calling to shine a light on these pressing issues and empower seniors became the driving force behind her remarkable journey.
A Collective Journey Towards a Brighter Future
Nina’s passion is contagious, and she extends an invitation to all to join the movement. Her message is crystal clear: Let’s unite, speak up, and cherish every day with autonomy and purpose. She reminds us that individuals above the age of 50 possess the potential for vibrant, purposeful lives that may extend well beyond a century. With her compassionate leadership, Nina Dhillon inspires a community to embrace mindfulness, connect with one another, and flourish.
A Vision of Compassion
Nina’s mission is rooted in a vision where every elder lives their golden years with dignity, respect, and financial independence. She firmly believes in the power of seniors to have their voices heard and to reclaim their lives.
Breaking the Silence
One of the greatest challenges our senior population faces is the silence surrounding their hardships. Issues like elder abuse, social isolation, and unmet needs often remain unspoken. Nina is determined to rewrite this narrative, fostering open communication, and creating a safe haven where seniors can share their experiences and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

Nina Dhillon’s voyage from real estate to senior advocacy underscores the remarkable transformation that can occur when one person’s compassion and determination merge to bring about meaningful change. She is a guiding light, an unrelenting advocate, and a beacon of hope for our senior citizens through her work with “Senior Lives Matter.”